Noise insulation

HPG phon-modul® 35 dB / 40 dB

Keep calm and comfort.

Particularly high demands are placed on the roof window as the interface between outside and inside with regard to noise insulation. In the HPG phon-modul® 35 dB / 40 dB, roof window, sub-roof connection, insulation and inner lining, supplemented with special sound insulation measures, merge into one element. All the advantages of the HPG pitched roof elements are retained.

The HPG phon-modul® noise protection roof window element has met with a great response from noise protection experts with the test results available. The legal regulations (noise protection in building construction SIA 181) can thus be implemented in the roof window area with lasting success.

Swiss Made Label


Time and costs under control - Production in our factory is independent of weather conditions. We guarantee the execution on schedule and within budget.

Product features

  • HPG phon-modul® 35 dB

  • per
  • Roof window VELUX® Thermo 1 -60
  • Total U-value 1.0 W/m2K
  • Lining insulation with noise insulation material and heavy foil
  • Noise insulation value 37 dB
  • HPG phon-modul® 40 dB

  • per In addition to all the advantages of HPG normaline® single element:
  • Roof window VELUX® Thermo 2 -60
  • Design also with sound insulation window -62
  • 3-fold glass Ug-value 0.5 W/m2K
  • Lining insulation with noise insulation material and heavy foil
  • Noise insulation value 42 dB


Brochure: Pitched roof elements
Steildach Elemente
Reference documentation
Dachfenster Dokumentation 2020
Price list: HPG roof window elements
Preisliste Dachfenster 2024

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