HPG oecoline vario® glass floor

May it also be horizontal?

Whether round, oval, rectangular or square, with the HPG oecoline vario® glass floor you will never lose the ground under your feet. We have the right solution for every requirement, whether raised, flush, accessible or drivable. The slip-resistant surface also offers a variety of design options. Let us surprise you with the versatile design variants.

Swiss Made Label

Did you know that with rooflights the room can be illuminated much more evenly?

Product features

  • HPG oecoline vario® glass floor

  • per
  • Installation without gradient
  • Suitable for flush mounting
  • For outdoor and indoor applications
  • Breakthrough-proof, accessible and walkable according to SN EN 1873
  • Anti-slip protection with sieve print
  • Anti-slip protection with structured glass


Brochure: Flat roof elements
Flachdach Elemente
Reference documentation
Dachfenster Dokumentation 2020
Price list: HPG roof window elements
Preisliste Dachfenster Juli 2022


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