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Seat in the heart of Switzerland - heart in the right place

Close to the geographical center of Switzerland, near a turquoise mountain lake, surrounded by mountains and forests, a company has settled here that is unique in its industry and is one of the market leaders.

Here, where nature and people, liveable places and a lovable nature are so close together, the idea for something very special was born 30 years ago:

Welcome to HP Gasser AG in Lungern, in the charming Swiss canton of Obwalden!

We are the experienced and proven experts for roof window element construction, for membrane construction and we also achieve great things in our in-house carpentry. For the region, for Switzerland and for the international market, we create products and provide services that are characterized by high quality, long life and outstanding service.

It all began in 1991 with the idea of Hanspeter Gasser. Ready-to-install roof window elements in a perfected design and high-quality production were the core of an idea that was implemented in perfection right from the start. And this basic idea still holds true today, just like the first roof window elements from HP Gasser AG, which even after 30 years are still among the best the market has to offer.

What began back then in a small production facility with limited production capacity is now the leading brand in Switzerland and Europe in roof window element construction and membrane construction.

And it soon became clear that HP Gasser AG could do more. The carpentry business soon came into the company, and by 1997 the membrane construction division had already become a firm pillar of HP Gasser AG. In the area of membrane construction, we manufacture and install membrane facades, air domes, wooden membrane halls, tennis courts and swimming pools, sun sails, car shelters, event tents and impressive constructions for lightweight construction. In doing so, we always take on the special challenges, which we successfully meet with great commitment. Whether at extreme heights or in unusual architecture, we show what is possible with modern roof window elements and attractive membrane structures. Not the ordinary, but the unusual is what drives us.

Supported by our carpentry shop and supplemented by excellent service offers with special services, we set out to take the world of roof window elements, membrane structures and wooden building construction to a new level.

Up to 20 years warranty, ein comprehensive service and continuous development of our products and services are signs that we are a constantly developing company that puts the interests and demands of our customers first.

The greatest asset of our company are our employees, who show themselves to be experienced experts in every business area and always provide the best services for our customers. That's why we invest heavily in our employees and ensure that they are always able to work with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. And we support our employees beyond their daily work routine. Because only capable and committed employees can achieve the best results. That makes our brand strong and our customers happy.

Our customers are everywhere, where high-quality, modern roof window elements and membrane constructions are in demand. Our customers range from private owners and builders to municipal clients, architects, roofers and construction companies, who can always rely on our solutions. The products of HP Gasser AG can be found on private houses, rental properties, community and office buildings, hotels, restaurants, mountain railroads, sports and leisure facilities and production plants - wherever Swiss quality and precision, reliability and service are required.

With HP Gasser AG, discover a brand that surpasses everything known to date with excellent performance and services in roof window element construction and membrane construction. Thousands of reference projects throughout Switzerland, Europe and the world are proof of our commitment and our performance when it comes to finding the better solution. From Zermatt to Baku, from Zurich to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

More light under the roof, convenient access to the roof terrace, a new facade, the car shelter, the attractive shading solution, the reliable wind and weather protection or the very large lightweight membrane hall? You can implement such and many other modern and high-quality solutions in roof window element construction and membrane construction with the market leader, HP Gasser AG.

We are looking forward to get in contact with you. Just give us a call or leave us a message on our homepage. Our experts will gladly call you back and show you what is possible for you with the HP Gasser brand.

And if you want to get to know us personally, arrange a visit to our company in Lungern by phone or e-mail. We look forward to presenting our company to you. Welcome to HP Gasser AG - 30 years of unique solutions with passion!

Corporate Philosophy

Economic and ecological thinking is our priority.

There are no compromises when it comes to quality.

We are proud of our Swissness.

We want to produce sustainable products and thereby secure our location in Lungern.

We do not want to maximize profits in the short term, but strive for the long term.

Corporate Philosophy

Unique solutions
with passion

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