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Sun sails of HP Gasser AG

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… protect against the sun, are attractive and help health

They are small, large, comfortable and always great in their very own way – the sun sails from the membrane construction of HP Gasser AG from Lungern, Obwalden, can be so many things. But above all, they are the best you can expect from a sun sail.

From decades of experience in membrane construction, we know what excellent sun sails have to achieve. An HPG Memsail® sun sail is durable, absolutely stable, UV-resistant, designed for many purposes and perfectly installed by our technicians.

The number 1 sun sails always provide shade exactly where it is needed. In addition, they can be used as wind sails, snow sails, storm sails, and they are ready for any amount of rain. The production in excellent quality speaks for this, as well as a convincing longevity, which often lasts longer than one generation, which is what it promises. HPG Memsail® sun sails are therefore also perfectly suited for safe use in difficult situations and demanding regions with changing weather conditions.

Great, a sun sail! But what happens when there is a lot of snow in winter? Do I have to remove the sun sail then? And what about rain, strong wind or even a storm?

No worries. An HPG Memsail® sun sail can safely withstand even heavy conditions. When we produce and assemble sun sails, we draw on decades of experience in membrane construction. Just as stable as large membrane construction halls, stationary marquees or great membrane facades, our sun sails can withstand everything that wind and weather can bring.


Under an sun sail from HP Gasser AG you can enjoy the sun in its best way. Relax and keep a cool head under one of our HPG Memsail® sun sails and protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

Thus, a sun sail from HP Gasser AG becomes a jewel in the garden, on the terrace or wherever you want. And a sun sail from our production will always be a faithful companion for many years to come, if you put your faith in quality, comfort and a very personal style.

Because as market leaders we know what makes a good sun sail.

For commercial and private customers we offer detailed and individual advice for our sun sails and shading products. Please use the form to request a consultation.

A concrete price list is also available for download here.

Your time under an HPG Memsail® sun sail from HP Gasser AG is a time that could hardly be better.

Find out more here and soon be the proud owner of a HP Gasser AG sun sail.

Shadow and safety can be so beautiful!

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HPG Memsail® Sun sails with style and class





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