Do you have questions about building? We are happy to support you.

You can rely on HP Gasser. We offer you a professional all-round service and accompany you from planning to handing over the keys.

Our services make the difference

HP Gasser AG sees itself as your partner in construction. We support many projects with specialized services that ensure even more excellence in the execution of our services.

We offer precisely executed services for planners, clients and contractors. These include


  • Building physics consulting
  • Specialist planning fire protection
  • Thermal imaging with drone and pointing out the energetic weak points of the building
  • Measurement with drone
  • Tachymetry for measuring buildings with millimeter accuracy
  • Wood construction statics and detail solutions
  • Wood construction cost estimate
  • Wood construction tenders

This allows you to benefit from modern services on the construction site, which make many processes simpler, safer and faster and provide good preparation for excellent results in the implementation of your measures.

Contact Roland Fähndrich now for detailed information about our services and how they can help you improve your work.


Price list: Drone roof measurement
Brochure: Are you still measuring or are you already flying?

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