Drones roof measurement

CHF 760.00 inkl. MwSt.

  • Einfache Massaufnahmen von Dachflächen und Fassaden
  • Unterstützung mit 3d Punktewolke möglich
  • Massgenau
  • Für Massaufnahmen keine Gerüstarbeiten notwendig
  • Sofort weiterverarbeitbar
  • Kann in jedes CAD Programm importiert werden.

-> 2 Wochen Lieferfrist. Kürzere Lieferfristen Preis auf Anfrage.
-> Vorbehalt der Flugverbotszone
-> Bei verzögerten Bewilligung – Lieferfrist Verlängerung
-> Massgenauigkeit +/- 2 cm
-> Flächen über 2’000 m2 nur auf Anfrage

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Are you still measuring or are you already flying?

In addition to the company’s divisions of roof window element construction, membrane construction and carpentry with the corresponding productive features, HP Gasser AG from Lungern, Obwalden, also stands for a high and structured range of sought-after services. This includes, for example, drone surveying, which offers a very convenient solution for many building surveying tasks.

Instead of double meters, digital technology

When a drone soars above buildings in Switzerland, it may well be a drone from HP Gasser AG. Because as part of our service offering we offer surveying with drones. For this purpose, we have drones that are equipped with the appropriate digital technology and make precise measurements on buildings possible.

In a precision of +/- 2cm we can measure entire roof areas. This is one of the prerequisites for this when new sub-roof foils, flat roof foils or membranes are to be prefabricated. Instead of crawling around on the roofs with a double meter, we pick up the joystick and send the drone over the roof.

When surveying, we can quite easily also take into account the slope of the roof surfaces, include special building components in the calculations and thus provide quite concrete and, above all, accurate measurements.

Right measurements for perfectly fitting subroofing membranes, flat roofing membranes and membranes

When under-roof foils, flat-roof foils and membranes are prefabricated by us, the aim is to get the roofs and facades weatherproofed on the construction site as quickly as possible, as added value for the clientele.

For this purpose, the data and measurements collected by drone provide a very convenient starting point. Instead of the measurement errors that always occur when measuring by hand, we use the electronic measurement data from the drone as the basis for prefabricating the foils.

This offers customers in particular decisive advantages in many respects. This will already start with the calculation of prices and with the preparation of the roof surfaces for their renovation, as well as for the installation of the subroof and flat roof foils. The more accurate the mass, the better the preparation work can be carried out.

Ultimately, however, the exact measurements from the drone survey also contribute to the fact that the sub-roof foils, flat roof foils and membranes from Lungern arrive quasi ready for installation at the construction site and can be perfectly installed there.

Technology that inspires

Technology that inspires is above all technology that makes working faster, more comfortable and safer. Through the use of drone surveying by HP Gasser AG, no one has to climb onto the roof anymore in the preparation and planning of structural measures on existing buildings. And also the complex scaffolding can be omitted in the apron. Only when the building envelope is actually put in place do the appropriate preparations and safety measures have to be taken.

Thanks to the highly sophisticated technology of building surveying by drone, taking measurements is faster and safer. And we at HP Gasser AG are happy to be at the forefront of this, in the service of our customers and in terms of the high quality of our work. And by the way, drone surveying is only one part of a wide range of services offered by HP Gasser AG.

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