Made in Lungern Swissness from Lake Lunger in Obwalden

Welcome to “Made in Lungern”!

“Made in Lungern – Premium Quality” is the label for Swissness in its best form directly from the community of Lungern in the canton of Obwalden. Here, companies from different industries have come together to carry Swiss precision work, innovation and reliability out into the world.

With the predicate and seal “Made in Lungern” we set a sign for best Swiss traditions and for a constant further development always in the direction of the best on the market.

Market leaders together for Swissness

The label “Made in Lungern” currently includes

  • NH Akustik + Design AG Lungern – TOPAKUSTIK® Audibly more beautiful
  • Sutter Fahrzeugbau AG Lungern
  • n´H neue Holzbau AG Lungern – Top of Wood
  • HP Gasser AG Lungern – Unique solutions with passion
  • Gasser Felstechnik AG Lungern

This means that real market leaders in their respective industries have joined forces under the seal “Made in Lungern – Premium Quality” and are creating joint synergies for the benefit of customers.

What “Made in Lungern” means to us

With “Made in Lungern” we place a quality seal that stands for real Swissness directly from the heart of Switzerland. In doing so, we always keep five characters in mind for real premium quality “Made in Lungern”.

… the quality

Genuine Swissness always means genuine Swiss quality. At our Lungern site, we produce with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities of digitalization, and create high-quality craftsmanship with proven precision and perfection. In our industries, we are the market leaders who also carry Switzerland’s good reputation far out into the world.

… the employees

Our employees are the core of our companies and our most valuable asset. Excellently trained, experienced, capable of development and focused on achieving the highest goals as a team, our employees are the guarantee for perfect performance and exemplary service. In one of the most beautiful regions our employees work at modern equipped workplaces for which we fulfill all safety precautions without exception. Additional measures to keep our employees healthy make us a valued employer in the region.

… the customers

Our customers are our most important stakeholder group. They determine what they need and want, we align our work with the customers’ needs. Our customers are our inspiration, our challenge and our guarantors of success. Simply satisfied customers are not what we want. We want enthusiasm, surprise and individuality. And that is always a special challenge.

… the environment

Those who, like us, are allowed to have their location in one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland, are thus also committed to the environment. Not only the excellent location of the municipality of Lungern, but also the great nature around us creates links to environmental protection and the preservation of our valuable natural resources. With our work, our products and our technologies, we pay responsible and passionate attention to the preservation of our livable environment. Economy and ecology go hand in hand for us. 

… our location Lungern

The community of Lungern is the best location for our companies. From here, our reputation goes out into the world, here we are firmly rooted and here we find the most beautiful environment for the best services. In doing so, we cultivate the successful interaction between companies and the community, which ultimately improves the community’s quality of life as well as the planning security for our companies. Lungern on Lake Lunger – this is where we are at home!

“Made in Lungern” – predicate and challenge at the same time

“Made in Lungern – Premium Quality” is more than just a predicate. It means a commitment to perfect Swissness in everything we do. Our customers and employees feel this just as much as everyone who lives and works here.

“Made in Lungern – Premium Quality” is also a challenge for the future. Every day we prove that, as market leaders in our industry, we value precision, perfection and reliability above all else, keeping our employees in mind just as much as our environment. New technologies, proven craftsmanship and always new innovations are challenges that are inseparably linked to “Made in Lungern”.

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