FORGOT YOUR DETAILS? - The anniversary newspaper of HP Gasser AG - The anniversary newspaper of HP Gasser AG

We will soon be celebrating the 30th anniversary of HP Gasser AG. For the communication of this event and as a connecting element to our partners, clients and customers, we have published a newspaper with a circulation of 45,000 printed copies. The newspaper is available everywhere in Switzerland, wherever HP Gasser AG appears with its products, services, and support.

The newspaper is 40 pages in Berlin format, so that we can offer a wide range of information about our company, our customers, employees and partners.


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Technology partners for the implementation of the interactive controls are Digital Perspectives GmbH and F1rst GmbH.

Interactive videos

For a real revolution in the medial processing of the topics, the new interactive technologies will be especially important.

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The integrated dynamic QR codes and speech codes are probably a novelty.

Dynamic QR Codes

The codes will trigger a completely new development in these technologies for the next five to ten years

Edition 2020/21: 45’000 units

Printing process: Newspaper printing (ColdSet)

Newspaper format: Berliner Format (315 x 470 mm)

Page number: 40 pages

Colorfulness: 4/4-c Euroskala

Paper: 52 g/qm Newspaper printing Enhanced ISO 69

Karina Wieland Head of editorial office
For all questions regarding content and articles, I am your contact
Fabian Furrer Head of advertising
For all questions about advertising and media I am your personal contact

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«HP Gasser newspaper» with Expl. 25’000 –
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Information about the new HP Gasser newspaper

Edition: Expl. 25’000 (Fall 2020)

Edition as Print, Digital, APP IOS & Android incl. progressive APP.
Pages: 32
Format: Berlin Format 315 x 470
Paper 52g/qm White ISO 80 (1.2 fold)
Print 4/4-colored (4c Euroskala)
Placement: best possible
Advertisements & PR are placed in the best possible way. Formats: 1/1,1/2, 1/3, 1/4,1/8
Special formats are possible.
Your advertising presence could look like this:
Sample reading test: health newspaper with HP Gasser advertisement & PR contribution:

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Our menu card – exclusively for the loyal HP Gasser partners
Print & Digital incl. APP & costs (see top areas in the above mentioned reading sample)
A selection of formats:

¼ Page upright: 150 mm x 215 mm = CHF 800.-
¼ Page horizontally: 300 mm x 110 mm = CHF 800.-
⅓ Page upright: 100 mm x 445 mm = CHF 1’000.-
½ Page horizontally: 300 mm x 215 mm = CHF 1’200.-
1/1 Page upright: 300 mm x 445 mm = CHF 1’800.-
2/1 Pages (Pano): 600 mm x 445 mm = CHF 3’600
*All advertisements with 3 mm trim / all prices excl. VAT.

Data delivery print & digital

Exclusively PDF/X3-Standard • EPS-Datei (.eps) • Image data as JPG, TIF or EPS with a minimum of 300 dpi • The fonts must be embedded or supplied.
We need to receive the data in the appropriate formats as follows by August 31, 2020 at the latest:
E-Mail: or via:
Note: Digital can be continuously adjusted and extended.

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PR/Advertorial one page (format D not to margin) with max. 3’000 characters including a picture (high resolution)

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Dynamic QR Codes for advertisements and articles can be obtained from us free of charge. Explanation:

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Video integration into online output is possible. Video file must be delivered as mp4.

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The new and groundbreaking HP Gasser newspaper will be provided with an ISBN, and thus be available in every store bookstore (also digitally).

Our “thank you” & extras

The price always includes the publication for approx. 12 months Digital: / Print and APP IOS / Android & progressive APP
Our partners receive voucher copies (number and delivery address by arrangement)
Invitation to Networking Events & Info Events


The prices are net prices. Invoices are issued directly by HP Gasser AG. We reserve the right to make changes.

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Finding a name for the anniversary newspaper was a creative process in which many things were developed, but also discarded. In the end, the decision was made in favor of

Already in the formatting similar to a web address we show that we are aiming for a hybrid appearance that fits our company perfectly. The newspaper is available as a tangible print product as well as an online version, which we also distribute via our website and app. This also shows the digital orientation that we are giving our company. In this way, we are setting a clear signal for digital communication in the industry.

As a word and term, the edelweiss stands above all for our connection to nature and to our homeland, Switzerland. Everywhere in the world, the edelweiss is known as a plant of the alpine mountains, so that we can also communicate home, mountains, sun. As a frequently used symbol of Swiss products and services, the edelweiss is also a symbol of Swissness, naturalness, environmental protection and sustainability.

This fits perfectly with our products from the roof window element construction sector, which allow and widen the view into the mountains or the surrounding nature. At the same time, we also focus on sustainability, durability, long life and Swiss precision for these products.

The decision for Edelweiss includes the mystical symbolic power of the alpine plant, attracts interest and acts as a symbol for the radiance of our company. Starting from the gold-colored center of the flower (which we can understand as the roof window element construction division), star-shaped, almost white petals form a flower that can symbolize our versatile work areas, services and the radiance into the world.

Another symbiosis of our company with our home is rock crystal. We have already exclusively staged this with the new production hall Kristall 2020, which is certainly also a topic in the newspaper.

Why cool? The “cool” in the cryptic combination symbolizes the membrane construction division. Here, our products also contribute to sun protection and shading, among other things. Even the air conditioning of buildings is supported by membrane facades, for example. In addition, we are also demonstrating that our products not only provide coolness under the roof or on the facade, but that we also see winter as a typical Swiss season. is therefore the best expression of everything we want, can, perform and develop. As already mentioned, this includes digitization in our divisions and, above all, in communication with interested parties and customers, but also with our employees. is also the domain name for publishing the online version of the newspaper.



In addition to the content that is typical for our product and service portfolio, we will also introduce Lungern and our surroundings, focus on the Hasliberg ski region and put Switzerland as the sales area for our products and services in the spotlight.

Of course, the topics roof window element construction, membrane construction, carpentry, services and services will remain the main topics with which we want to inform our interested parties and customers but also partners and possible future employees in a comprehensive and interesting way.