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Thursday, 22 October 2020 / Published in Membrane construction

It is usually the large membrane construction projects with which HP Gasser AG from Lungern/Obwalden underpins its excellent reputation in professional membrane construction. However, large tents, air domes, breathtaking special structures and impressive facades are ultimately worth no more than the comparatively tiny projects with which the Swiss membrane builders make their customers happy.

Such a small but no less interesting object stands in Rüegsauschachen on Lützelflühstrasse in the form of an octagonal garden pavilion with open sides. Here, the owner has thought about how to protect the little house from wind and weather, on the one hand, and how to use it in cooler and windy weather, on the other.

At the end of the thoughts was the idea of an enclosure. This had to match the style of the garden shed and have transparent windows all around. Exactly the thing of the membrane builders from Lungern, who also like to take on such special objects.

After precise measurement of the open garden pavilion, a five-part protective cover including the windows was prefabricated and then mounted on the garden shed with dimensional accuracy. This was done in such a way that the house would still be usable after the wrapping. This would certainly have pleased the wrapping artist Christo, if he were still alive. Now, however, the great joy remains with the owner, who can now use her small garden pavilion not only well protected, but also all year round without compromising its usability. And her guests are equally pleased with the successful implementation of the task.

To maintain the style of the wooden gazebo, the side sliding side walls were kept in a subtle brown. The access is through a zipper that allows to open the enclosure with a perfect fit and comfort.

Even with such small but individual projects, HP Gasser AG shows that it can do more in the membrane construction business sector than just the really big things. And the example shows how interested customers become happy customers who feel in good hands with the membrane construction experts from the canton of Obwalden even for such rather small concerns and wishes.

Thursday, 22 October 2020 / Published in Roof windows

HP Gasser AG combines strong appearance with high functionality

The company from Lungern/Obwalden provides the best proof in a project in Zurich. The task here was to combine several functions in a single roof light in the stairwell of an apartment building.

Accordingly, the designers sat down and thought about how an actually classic rooflight can be equipped with the different functions. The result is an attractive skylight element that combines three functions.

It offers

  • Daylight through the fixed glazing
  • Smoke vent with RWA ventilation sash
  • Roof exit as a craftsman exit for necessary maintenance work on and on the roof

The result of the constructive considerations of convinced architects and clients alike, so that this special stairwell rooflight was commissioned from HP Gasser AG.

Within a very short time, the highly functional roof window element was manufactured in the production hall, prepared for installation and delivered directly to the construction site in Zurich.

In the meantime, the element has been installed and impresses residents, owners and craftsmen with its exceptionally high quality, which combines an attractive appearance with high-quality and comprehensive functionality. More such examples can be found all over Switzerland, always where HP Gasser AG with its division roof window element construction is the sought-after partner for individual solutions. Consulting, conception and implementation are always accompanied by transparent work and a reliability that is exemplary in the industry.

Thursday, 22 October 2020 / Published in Roof windows

Daylight in the sports hall is a fine thing and practically nothing can replace it. It was therefore quickly decided that the old roof windows would be replaced by new roof window elements from HP Gasser AG as part of the energy-efficient renovation of a sports hall in Suhr. From the very beginning, the building owners wanted to replace the old shape of the roof windows with a new, simple mono-pitch roof shape. However, with the compliance of modern energetic guidelines.


For the experts in roof window element construction at HP Gasser AG it was clear: We can and want to solve this task. Two roof window elements in the size of 8,000 x 1,850 mm had to be manufactured, which are a perfect replacement for the old glazing.

The advantage of the new glazing is not only that more light now falls through the larger glass surfaces thanks to the slim frame construction, but also that significantly better values are achieved with regard to the glass values and the frame insulation values in the course of the energy-related renovation.

For the flat roof contractor as the client, it was quickly clear that the perfect partner had been found in the experts for roof window element construction from HP Gasser AG. Without the commissioning of further subcontractors, the project was successfully completed.

The project sports hall Suhr speaks for the high perfection with which the roof window element manufacturers of HP Gasser AG go to work. Precise preliminary planning, surprisingly perfect prefabrication and smooth installation are arguments for the fact that HP Gasser AG produces modern roof window elements quickly, precisely and in the required quality, prepares them for installation and finally also installs them perfectly. For the athletes in Suhr, it is now clear that the new flat roof window elements from HP Gasser AG are the best solution for more daylight and a high level of user-friendliness in the sports hall. And the flat roof company commissioning the project is also pleased to have found HP Gasser AG as a professional partner for this project.