Steep roof element

Steep roof element

Our Ready-Made Steep Roof Module

Available as single or multiple element. Prefabricated at our facility.
Our standard HPG Roof Window Elements are used on roofs with a pitch of 15° or more.

Everything included

  • Roof window (VELUX or ROTO)
  • Interior lining with ceiling connection
  • Vapor barrier film connection
  • Insulation
  • Sub-roof film connection (heat-fused to be water and wind tight)

…for New Buildings and Renovation Projects

  • Low-energy element (Minergie standard)
  • Soundproof (EMPA-tested)

Special Features

  • HPG Roof Window Elements are prefabricated at our own facility
  • Window actuators and wiring hidden
  • Installed fast
  • Water and wind tight sub-roof connection

Guaranteed Added Value

  • Optimal in terms of structural physics
  • More comfort through thermal insulation and soundproofing
  • No construction faults to be discovered later on
  • Ensures a building’s value preservation


  • Just-in-time delivery to the construction site
  • First-time installations supervised by our specialists