HPG phon-modul®

HPG phon-modul®

HPG phon-modul® Roof Window Element

Soundproofing Your Roof – a Delicate Subject

The common belief that a roof window equipped with soundproof glass solves all noise problems is, to be frank, only half the truth.

The roof window, an interface between the exterior and the interior, is known as a particularly delicate spot.

When you install a roof window, cutting through the roof membrane is unavoidable. It goes without saying, therefore, that in the installation procedure, the connection to the sub-roof, the insulation material used, and, above all, the design of the interior lining play a crucial part in how well outside noise can be kept out.

A single leaking spot in the connection area of the roof window can diminish soundproofing effectiveness by as much as 10 dB.

The Compact Solution Guaranteed to Increase Comfort

The EMPA-certified HPG HPG phon modul® 35 dB/40 dB Roof Window Element sets a new standard in roof soundproofing.

Its high soundproofing effectiveness is a result of our fusing together the individual components – roof window, sub-roof connection, insulation and interior lining, supplemented by special materials – into a single module.

The carefully supervised insertion of the module into the structure further ensures long-lasting and durable soundproofing and increases comfort, whether in a living or working environment.

Expert Acclaim

Among soundproofing experts, the advent of our soundproof HPG phon-modul® Roof Window Element and its test results have met with considerable acclaim.

Using our solution allows construction specialists to reliably meet the statutory requirements in effect (soundproofing in buildings, SIA 181) with great ease.