Pent roof element

Pent roof element

HPG Roof Window Flat Roof Element for Concrete Structures

Available as single or multiple element. Prefabricated at our facility.

A New Dimension in Natural Lighting Design

The incidence of natural light through the HPG Roof Window Flat Roof Element opens up new possibilities in interior design and meets the highest demands in terms of thermal insulation and soundproofing. Radio-controlled ventilation and shading systems are available as standard accessories.

Everything included

  • Roof window (VELUX or ROTO)
  • Interior lining (version for mounting on plasterboard panel)
  • Vapor barrier film connection
  • Insulation
  • OSB board exterior lining (substructure for on-site sheet covering)

Special Features

  • Low-energy element

Special Features

  • HPG Roof Window Elements are prefabricated at our own facility
  • Window actuators and wiring hidden
  • Installed fast on concrete ceiling

Guaranteed Added Value

  • Optimal in terms of structural physics
  • More comfort through thermal insulation and soundproofing
  • No construction faults to be discovered later
  • Ensures a building’s value preservation


  • Just-in-time delivery to the construction site
  • First-time installations supervised by our specialists

Custom-built Versions