Portrait of HP GASSER AG

HP GASSER AG was founded in 1991 by Hanspeter and Gaby Gasser, initially focusing on roof window element manufacturing. The lively demand for the new product soon sparked a planning initiative aimed at increasing production capacity.

In 1994, HP GASSER AG moved into a new production facility in Lungern. In 1999, the company added a second line of business – membrane construction – and the corresponding manufacturing facility in Sarnen. In order to make better use of the internal resources available, the membrane construction division was moved to Lungern in 2004. At the same time, the company put a new administration/engineering facility and an additional manufacturing wing into operation.

HP GASSER AG operates on an international scale.


HP Gasser AG
Industriestrasse 45
6078 Lungern

Phone +41 41 666 25 35
Fax +41 41 666 25 30

French-speaking Switzerland Subsidiary

HP Gasser SA
Case postale 85
2316 Les Ponts-de-Martel

Phone +41 32 937 20 01
Fax +41 32 937 20 02